Take Control Of Your Recovery

  • January 2, 2017


Putting You In Control Again


  • How many times have you been to a doctor or therapist’s office and left feeling a lot better, only to have that improvement short lived?  

  • How would you like to keep that feeling of relief and be able to reproduce it on your own?  

  • Now what if I told you that not only would you feel better, but also that overall you would feel better faster?


Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

What I’m talking about is taking control of your recovery! And getting help from someone that makes your ability to do this a priority.

So what does this mean?  

This means that the professional that you sought out doesn’t only provide you with a treatment in their office. But gives you a complete education about how you can help yourself in between visits.

Now I’m not talking about some generic one size fits all piece of paper, with info from the 1970’s on it and is given out to every patient.  I’m talking about something that is tailored to your specific situation and based on your specific needs.  And more importantly that by working together, you and your provider figured out that it was reliable in making you feel better and moving you closer to whatever your personal goals are.

What this may look like can vary.  But in most cases it is an exercise plan or some sort of self-applied manual therapy.  Maybe both.  But either way, it provided proven results.

Avoid the One Size Fits All Approach

I just had a patient last week who explained to me that when he saw his previous provider he would put him through the same type of therapy every time.  And he was never given an active role in the process.  For 8 weeks in a row he simply showed up and laid on the docs table.  The doc would work on his muscles a bit and then send him on his way.  

The interesting thing is that when I asked him if this made him feel any better, he said “No.”  To make matters worse, he was never given any sort of program to help provide himself relief between visits.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon story.  I’ve seen many patients who pretty much tell me the same thing.

What You Should Expect

Here at FlowForce Rehab we always make it a priority that you will have an active role in your recovery.  This helps give you more confidence and control of your situation.  We don’t want you to be reliant on us to feel good again. We want to work with you, to show you how to take back control of your life. This provides you with skills that will not only help you now, but also in the future. 

When that same patient I mentioned earlier came in for his second appointment this week, I asked him how he’s been. He said ”Great! I’ve kept up with the plan and it’s been better and better everyday.”  

This isn’t a result of any sort of magic.  This is because we made an honest effort to figure out what could reliably make him feel better while he was in our office.  Then we developed a plan for him to continue to do that everyday and knock back the pain cycle.  We also made sure that the plan was in line with his long term goals.  So he can be an even better athlete as a result of that plan.  

This is the type of service that you should expect from someone that truly cares about your success, and getting you back to the life that you love.  

Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

It’s always possible for you to have more control of your situation.  But sometimes it just takes a helping hand to guide you along the way.  A good provider will lend that helping hand in such a way that will let you take charge of your life again.

This will save you time and money, allow you to recover faster, and most importantly get you back to doing the things you love without worry or fear.  Because getting you back to living the life that you want will always be the top priority.  

So Now Let Me Ask You Something…  

Does your doc prioritize putting you in control of your recovery?  Or do they just give you a treatment and send you on your way?  

Now, this approach is okay if that’s what you’re looking for in a provider. But if your primary concern is fast and effective results, I’d highly recommend that you work with someone that makes it a priority to EMPOWER you so you can take control of your recovery.  

To help you with this I’ve made list of simple questions that you can use to ask when you search for a potential provider. You can also use these questions to figure out if you are currently under the care of a provider who is well equipped to give you the results you deserve.

If you ask these 3 simple questions when you’re looking for a provider I can assure you that you will learn very quickly if they are the right fit.


1.  Will they provide you with a plan of care to do on your own? And if so, will that plan be specific to your goals?

2.  Will the appointment consist of only passive therapy? Like hot packs, and electrical stimulation (or any other gizmo)?  Or will there be time spent which you will play an active role?

3.  Will they help give you options on how to stay active while avoiding pain?



A provider who makes it a priority for you to take control of your recovery, is making it a priority to give you back control of your life.  


You deserve nothing less!  




If you’re tired of feeling reliant on others and are ready to take control of your recovery, then make sure and reach out to us so we can help you take back control of your life.

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