REDUCE Youth Sports Injury Risk By STRENGTH Training

  • November 28, 2016

REDUCE Youth Sports Injury Risk By STRENGTH Training

While participation in youth sports has many very beneficial aspects that will enhance your child’s development, participation in sports of any kind is not without risk of injury.

A common reason that youth athletes suffer from injury is because they simply were not physically prepared for the demands of their sport or competitive schedule.  


If you’re the parent of a youth athlete, then you obviously want to do your best to reduce the chances that your child suffers from a sports injury. One of the most effective ways to not only reduce their chance of injury but also enhance their performance, is by allowing them to regularly participate in a strength training program.

But Isn’t That Dangerous?  NO!

Historically parents would often think that this could possibly stunt their kids growth or have some sort of negative affect, but we KNOW that this is NOT THE CASE.  

The far majority of injuries or issues that happen as a result of strength training happen as a result of accidents, improper exercise technique or lack of qualified supervision.  When compared to other organized sports activities, resistance training actually poses much less risk than participation in the actual sport itself.

Strong Tissues

The fact is regular participation in an appropriately designed strength training program will not only enhance their performance, but it will also enhance the quality of their connective tissues.  This meaning that their joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and their bones, will be much stronger against the challenges they will encounter in their sport. Because of this, it reduces their likelihood of suffering from an injury!

Strength For LIFE

To add to this, it can also promote better physical development that they will carry with them throughout their adult life, long after their competitive days. Though many parents or coaches may focus solely on how a strength program can help their athlete on game day, the focus should really be on the bigger picture.  This means that the program should consider the athlete’s long term athletic development as a whole with their future in mind, and not just get caught up in how it will help them now.

Things To Keep In Mind

While the addition of a strength training program will surely be beneficial to your child’s training routine, it’s always important to keep in mind that they will require adequate recovery in order to reap these benefits.  Without proper nutritional support and rest, this added stress could hinder progress.  So make sure that it isn’t simply added to an already full schedule, but rather included in a way that puts your child’s personal goals and priorities first.  (For more on the topic of adequate sleep in youth athletes, see our previous blog by clicking here)

Prioritize STRENGTH

Being that injury prevention should be a very high priority, finding a way to add an adequate strength training program should be somewhere near the top of the list for the parent of any competitive youth athlete.  


If you need help finding a quality strength coach or program please reach out and we’ll help you find one that aligns with your goals. We can also provide a comprehensive assessment to make sure your youth athlete is will be on the right track!

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