7 Ways to Turn Your Sports Injury into an Advantage

  • January 11, 2017

Gain an Edge on Your Competition - During the Recovery Process!  

Many people assume that they have to put their progress on hold when recovering from an injury.  This couldn't be further from the truth!  

​While suffering an injury can be devastating, it can also be a blessing in disguise.  

​Follow these 7 tips to maintain positive progress and turn your sports injury into an ADVANTAGE!

1.  Identify Your Flaws


This can be extremely helpful for you to take what could’ve been holding you back and develop a strategy to address it so you’re better off in the long term. This means taking a close look at the way you move, your training schedule, your mental game, or your competition strategy. Make an honest effort to reflect on how you can improve your game to enhance your future success.  

2.  Work On Your Weaknesses

We all have areas that we can improve upon. In most cases there will be plenty of things that you can still work on while recovering from pain or injury. Don’t let an injury stop your positive forward momentum. Continue to work and get better at your craft!  

3.  Finally Allow Those Old Nagging Aches and Pains to have Some Time to Rest


You may have been ignoring the pain until that was no longer an option. This was probably holding you back from performing and training your best. Take this opportunity to allow these things to recover. That way when you can get back you’ll be 100% and able to show your true potential!

4.  Take This as an Opportunity to LEARN

Understand as much as you can about why and how this injury happened. Use this info to your advantage by putting together a solid prevention plan that can help you reduce the risk of dealing with this in the future.

5.  Work on the Mental Game

This is something that you may often ignore. But can pay huge dividends in how you perform. Put your energy into being the master of your own mind, so when you get back in action you have a serious edge on the competition.

6.  Focus on Sharpening Your Skills

Spend more time mastering techniques and watching tape so you can gain a deeper understanding of your sport. Work to sharpen your skill set as much as possible and become the ultimate technician.

7.  Take a Look at the Big Picture

Use this as a time to reflect on what your real goals are. Assess what you’re currently doing to reach those goals. If you need to, make changes to your current strategy so that you set yourself up for to win.

Nobody looks forward to dealing with an injury. But that doesn't mean it can’t be a blessing in disguise. If you put these techniques to use you’ll be able to make any injury recovery a powerful tool for success!

Let us help you turn your sports injury into your competitive edge!