Sleep: The SIMPLEST key to SUCCESS!

  • November 22, 2016

Sleep: The SIMPLEST key to SUCCESS!

This blog is about quite possibly the most effective way to EASILY help reduce the chance of injury while also enhancing both athletic AND academic PERFORMANCE in your youth athlete. 

What I’m talking about is making sure your child has enough SLEEP!

The modern demands of youth athletes only continue to grow. Between their school work, practice, training and competition schedule, kids are very often not given adequate amount of time to recover both mentally and physically.  To add to this issue many youth athletes continue with this type of schedule year-round with club sports and college prep outside of their actual school programs.  This could be a major contributor to the current increase in youth sports injuries that we are now seeing these days. Research continues to show a connection between a lack of sleep and sports injury.

Likehood of Injury based on Hours of Sleep in Adolescent Athletes |

Likehood of Injury based on Hours of Sleep in Adolescent Athletes |


We often find ourselves in America thinking MORE is better.  While hard work is essential to success in most anything, these increased demands also require much more RECOVERY time. We often think of the time spent in practice, in the gym, or in the classroom as the time where they are making progress, but the reality is that the time that your child’s body and brain ADAPTS and GROWS due to the challenges and learning that they encounter is while they are asleep!

So HOW MUCH Is Enough!?

Now we all know that SLEEP is crucial to recovery, but we often think in terms of average when we consider how much sleep youth athletes need.  But this isn’t the case.  Due to the increased demands of today’s society, modern youth athletes require MORE sleep than they are likely getting!  Although all individuals may vary, some researchers have suggested that optimally youth athletes will get 9.2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.  While on average most adolescents are getting closer to 6.5.

It’s also very important to understand that sleep deprivation is accumulative.  If your youth athlete is only getting 7 or so hours of sleep a night this will lead to possibly 10 hours of missed sleep during the week.  This means sleeping in on the weekend and getting a couple extra hours simply isn’t enough.

What to Look For

Here are some signs listed on that may indicate your youth athlete is not getting enough rest:

  • Has extreme difficulty waking in the morning
  • Is chronically late for school
  • Experiences mood swings
  • Has trouble concentrating
  • Feels unmotivated
  • Acts irritable in the early afternoon
  • Falls asleep easily during the day
  • Has academic troubles
  • Sleeps for long periods on the weekends
  • Is hyperactive or aggressive
  • Acts nervous
  • Consumes excessive amounts of caffeine
  • Seems “Out of it” or confused


Adequate rest of your youth athlete should absolutely be a PRIORITY!  This won’t only help them on the field and in the classroom but will help prepare them by creating proper habits that they will carry throughout their life. 

So, as you continue to work your hardest to raise your child to be happy and successful, make sure that you prioritize this key ingredient to enhancing their physical and mental performance just as much as you do the others!


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