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Sit at a Desk All Day!? DO THIS to Loosen Up Your Neck, Back and Shoulders!

  • April 25, 2017

Does Sitting at a Desk All Day Leave Your Body Feeling Tight?

Do you feel like your neck, back and shoulders feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable from being in the same position at your desk all day?

If you’re like the majority of the American work force you spend a lot of time working from a desk to make ends meet. That way on the weekend you can do what it is you really want to do and go outside and PLAY!

The thing is, sitting for long periods of time can cause us to start to settle in to the positions we do the most. So in order to break up this cycle it’s important to mix things up and incorporate some movements that give your body the TLC that it deserves!

Sitting at a desk doesn’t have to be a concern when you mix in some motion throughout the work day.  (Check out our previous blog on this topic by clicking here ➡ Sitting is NOT the New Smoking)

If you want MORE out of your body than to just be a lump at a desk, then give these simple moves a shot!

FEEL BETTER, be MORE PRODUCTIVE, and CRUSH IT at whatever awesome activity you plan on doing during your time off!

The Wall Lean:

This first move is great if you find your upper body tightening up after being slumped over your computer all day.

You don't need a wall to do this and can pretty much do it anywhere at anytime.

Step One

First, place your hands against the wall and rest your head against them

Then, while in this position, take a big deep breath and follow it up with a large exhale.  While you let out your breath allow your chest to slowly sink into the wall.  

When you do this try to keep your chin tucked and focus the movement into your upper back.  Pretend a string is pulling the center of your chest into the wall.

Wall Lean 1

Step Two

Take another deep breath and try to do the exact opposite of step one. 

Push your elbows against the wall and round your back and neck away from the wall as much as you can.  

Repeat this sequence going back and forth between step one and step two 4-5 times every 20 minutes or so.  This should be plenty of movement to keep your body feeling nice and loose.

Wall Lean 2

Banded Neck Rotations (Crossing the Street):

This move works really well to help loosen up tight neck muscles in addition to the rest of the upper body!

In this demonstration I use a band but you can use anything from a belt, towel, jacket, etc.  

You can find a simple band online for less than $5.  They are a very effective tool to have at your desk!

Step One

Sit up nice and straight and stretch out your band across your body.

Then, all you are going to do is rotate your head back and forth as far as you can - just like you're checking both ways before you cross the street ?

Band Rotation 1

Band Rotation 2
Band Rotation 3

Step Two

After 4-5 rotations in the first position, pull the band at an angle with one arm higher than the other and repeat for another 4-5 rotations.  

Then switch arms and do it again for another 4-5 rotations.

Band Rotation 4
Band Rotation 5
Band Rotation 6

No matter what movement you choose to do, the key is to MIX THINGS UP! 


Remember to ALWAYS keep it comfortable!  

These movements are meant to make you feel good!  So be nice to yourself and don't force them to a point where they are unpleasant.

If at any point you experience pain or discomfort then stop and let your healthcare provider know about it.


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