Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, you require a keen eye that thoroughly understands quality movement and performance principles to optimize your body’s athleticism and ensure successful performance, all while avoiding injury. FlowForce Rehab is that keen eye. With a combination of clinical and performance expertise, we have the unique ability to help you maximize your athletic potential while remaining injury-free so you can continue to train and compete at maximum levels. FlowForce Rehab also works with performance coaches, combining experience and expertise, to meet your athletic needs in a team effort. We will do what it takes to keep you in peak performance condition.

FlowForce Rehab bridges the gap from rehabilitation to performance so you can continue to improve even while undergoing rehab.

What to Expect

When you walk in, expect a thorough examination, expect to move, expect hands-on treatment, expect to talk about your goals, expect to walk away with a personalized treatment and training plan, and expect 55 solid minutes of face-to-face time with Dr. Ben.

This is premium care

The goal is not just to save time by power-targeting your recovery, but to save you money by eliminating long, drawn-out, generic treatment plans and giving you the knowledge and the tools to maintain your future well-being.

We will make the rehab process as easy as possible and give you educational material, including detailed training programs and videos you can use when you’re not in our office. While we’ll always be here to support and guide you, you’ll walk away with a discharge report at the end of treatment that details how to maximize your body’s athletic ability and success. Because we don’t create dependent patients. We heal independent, resilient athletes. And we believe everyone is an athlete.

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