Overcome back pain step 1

3 Key Steps to Overcome Your Back Pain: Step 1

  • January 30, 2017

The First Step in Getting Rid of Your Back Pain  

Your back pain is keeping you from doing simple everyday tasks.

When you brush your teeth, put socks on, and even go through your morning-post-coffee-toilet ritual you may have to suffer and experience pain.

Let’s face it, back pain sucks.

But luckily there are simple answers to help you quickly get through this experience and back to your normal life. In this overly complicated world, simplicity is really what you need right?

You’d probably rather not have to sit and read about all sorts of drawn out theories of what you’re experiencing.

You just want the pain to be gone!

In our previous blog I laid out a brief overview of the 3 Key Steps to Overcoming Back Pain (Click here to check it out). In the next 3 parts I’ll clearly outline these simple steps that I use everyday to get back pain sufferers like you back to normal, fast!

So let’s get right into it!


In most cases, back pain can be generalized to a specific category of movement.

In the previous examples you read (brushing teeth, putting socks on, sitting) the common theme was bending forward.

Identifying this generalized movement related to the pain you’re experiencing is very important.

In doing so you will be able to develop ways to go about life without having to constantly experience pain. This not only keeps the suffering down, but makes your back pain go away faster.

The following is a very simple and straight forward way to figure out what general movement in particular causes your pain.

Place your feet together, keep your knees straight and try to bend forward and touch your toes

Keeping your feet together, raise your hands overhead and try to bend backwards

Now try to turn as far as you can to both sides

Slide your hand down your side and bend sideways as far as you can to both sides

Which of these movements caused you the most pain?​

Which of these movements didn’t cause you any pain at all?

Did you notice any movements that seemed limited?

Were there any movements that you were hesitant to perform due to fear of pain?

You probably found that one movement in particular was the worst. This is good news!

Now that you know which movement is the main culprit you can move on to STEP 2.

In that step you’ll figure out simple ways to temporarily avoid the painful movement so you can perform your everyday tasks and the activities you enjoy without fear of pain!

Are you looking to get out of pain even faster?

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