The FlowForce Rehab Difference

At FlowForce Rehab you get much more than just pain relief.  You get a complete educational experience that puts the knowledge necessary to overcome your physical obstacles into your own hands.  Rather than have to rely on us forever, we show you how to take back your independence while on the road to recovery.  We don’t focus on a single treatment approach, but combine the best treatment approaches available for your specific needs.  Our mission is and will always be to provide you with the most effective skills and treatment necessary to get back on track to doing what you love, even better than you were before.

What to Expect

The Big Picture

The first thing you can expect when you arrive is for us to work together to get a complete and detailed story of your health history.  We’re not just interested in what you’re experiencing now, but we want to know The Big Picture. This is crucial in determining how you ended up where you are now and what is the most effective way to proceed.  We’ll leave no stone unturned in this process, because you deserve it.

Quality Assessment Will Save Time In Treatment

After we understand your history you can expect a complete physical and movement assessment.  This will tell us exactly what is going on, not only what hurts but also what may be contributing to the problem, and most importantly what is the root cause of what you are experiencing.  Understanding the way you move is very often the key link in establishing your most effective road to recovery.  Our expertise in assessing the way you move will give you a significant edge in your recovery process.

Knowledge is POWER

At this point we will discuss with you exactly what we found during the history and physical exam.  We’ll never just simply label you with a diagnosis, but rather we’ll give you a detailed explanation about what is going on, how you got here, and the most effective way for you to overcome this obstacle.  Education is the most important part of the recovery process and we will ensure that you are well equipped to overcome this obstacle.

The Road To Recovery

The next step in the process is treatment.  Based on our findings we will use the most effective approach to address your specific needs.  Most importantly, we will provide you with the tools necessary to be able to take control of your condition.  Our priority is that that you don’t have to just rely on us for relief, but that even when you’re not in the office with us, you have the knowledge and skills to be self-reliant along the road to recovery.

How to Prepare

We are committed to making your appointment with us the best health care experience you’ve ever had.  In order to ensure that your time is used most effectively, please prepare for your appointment by doing the following:

  • Be prepared to move.  Exploring different ways of moving will be a key component of your success.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing.  Athletic attire is best.

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