Desk Workout

Sitting is NOT the “New Smoking”!

Yes, you read that title correctly… Do you spend the majority of your week sitting at a desk?Are long hours in front of your computer or working at a desk a big part of your life?If you’re like most people, you’ve read countless blogs or articles talking about how deadly it is to be sitting at…


Creaky Joints

Do your joints GRIND, SNAP, CRACKLE and POP?

I have this sort of conversation with people ALL THE TIME.“You know I’ve had this grinding in my [insert joint/area here] forever. Just getting older I guess…”The rest of the conversation usually goes like this…Me: “Does it ever hurt?”Them: “No, not really.  Just sounds bad.”Me: “Does it ever get in the way of what you’re doing?”Them: “No,…


Morning Back Pain

How to Keep Back Pain From Ruining Your Morning

How to Stop Letting Back Pain Ruin Your Mornings  Does your back pain make the morning the worst part of your day? Does it make simple tasks such as getting out of bed and using the toilet a huge painful hassle?Then this blog is especially for you!After a restful night’s sleep the last thing you want…


MRI answers

Back Pain: Do You Need an MRI?

When You Do and Do NOT Need an MRI For Your Back Pain  This blog post is perfect for you if you are currently suffering from back pain or know someone who is, and are considering or have been told that you need an MRI. Nobody wants to be pinned down dealing with back pain.…


exercise back pain

3 Key Steps to Overcome Your Back Pain: Step 3

Getting Rid of Your Back Pain by Staying ActiveNow that you know what specific category of movement hurts (Click here for STEP 1) and have found pain free ways to perform your everyday activities (Click here for STEP 2), it’s time for you to GET MOVING!​(For a brief overview of all 3 steps check out our…


Back pain at desk

3 Key Steps to Overcome Your Back Pain: Step 2

This May Be Your Most Important Step in Getting Rid of Back Pain  Now that you’ve figured out what general movement causes you pain, you’re ready for STEP 2!(CLICK HERE to check out the intro where we briefly cover all 3 steps.  CLICK HERE to revisit step 1 before you go on to step 2!)One of the most important things…


Overcome back pain step 1

3 Key Steps to Overcome Your Back Pain: Step 1

The First Step in Getting Rid of Your Back Pain  Your back pain is keeping you from doing simple everyday tasks. When you brush your teeth, put socks on, and even go through your morning-post-coffee-toilet ritual you may have to suffer and experience pain.Let’s face it, back pain sucks.But luckily there are simple answers to help you quickly get…


back pain

3 Key Steps to Overcoming Your Back Issues

Follow These 3 Key Steps to Overcome Your Back Pain and Move On With Your Life!  Does your back always give you trouble in the morning when you bend over to tie your shoes? Are you not able to lean backwards or reach overhead without some sort of pinching going on in your back?If this is…