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In finding the best sports injury and performance rehab specialist in California, you don’t just go with the flow. You dive headfirst into the flow, you surf the flow, swim the flow, feel the flow, then go against the current to create your own flow. At FlowForce Rehab, we know what it means to be an active Californian.

We get you. And when your body breaks down, we got you. We don’t just get you out of pain fast, we empower you with the knowledge and confidence that will allow you to get back to doing what you love, even better than before.

With FlowForce Rehab you get elite-level chiropractic treatment, world-class pain relief, tailor-made rehab and training programs that let you take control of your recovery, and enhance your athletic performance. Fast. Because life is calling.

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What are people saying about FlowForce?

This year I had a knee injury and worked really hard to get to a point where I was ready to return to sport specific training again. Then, I injured my neck. I was so bummed and frustrated to have yet another injury pop up and limit me. I called around to try to find someone who could see me soon, but also that aligned with my needs.

I needed someone who was going to be on board with helping me get back in the gym as soon as possible. Someone who would get out of his chair and manipulate my body and search for the root of the problem. I needed someone who wanted me to be better as much as I did. Someone who would spend time with me, follow up with me, check in on me and show up for me if I needed it.

That is Ben. He may be too good at his job because he got me back into the gym, at near optimal levels in two appointments. I went back for a few maintenance sessions, to keep things in the gym feeling good and honestly cannot imagine going to anyone else. I haven't gone in for an appointment in a few months and he still emails me to check up on me and see how things are going. Great practitioner, even better dude!

Brittany Kaland King

I showed up to flow force in low spirits. I have been dealing with back pain for the past 6 months. What started off as a small pain in my thoracic spine, began to manifest into back and shoulder pain that was beginning to ruin my day to day activities. I had just about ran out of options.

My usual chiropractor that had helped aligned me in the past was no longer affective and traditional physical therapy recommended by my internal medicine doctor was producing similar results. MRI's.. cat scans.. evaluations.. all resulted in no findings.. and no one could even begin to tell me how I was in pain.

I kept hearing about Ben up at flowforce from my teammates and how much he had helped them with their aliments. I decided to make an appointment and give it a shot. At this point, he was my last hope, and I was all but defeated.

He was extremely honest when evaluating me, and lucky for me, was confident that he could help. We got to work and were able to develop a treatment plan that not only worked for my busy schedule but was simple enough to uphold throughout my day, even at work. He made modifications to the exercises as my body found fit and really personalized my recovery. He never asked me to stop my daily training routine and even encouraged me to continue with the methods I had found some relief with on my own.

The most surprising thing for me was the follow up. Ben would contact me daily to see how I was doing and how my body was feeling throughout the week. Some days were better than others but over the course of a few weeks my pain dropped dramatically. He modified the exercises and stretches according to my daily condition. I am now waking up pain free, and going through my day without excruciating pains throughout my back, ribs and shoulders.

My only regret is all the time and money I spent and wasted else where on gimmicks, machines, massages, chiropractors, acupuncture.. stuff that has usually helped in the past, but just fell short this time.

I am extremely grateful to had met Ben, and encourage anyone on the fence, to make the decision to step out of their comfort zone and give FlowForce a try. It truly has been a life changing experience for me, giving me tools that I can and will continue to use for the remainder of my active life.

Hyun Whyte

Before I came to Ben, I was dealing with lower back pain, and nerve irritation that was going down my legs and into my toes. I got initial consultations at 2 different times from my doctor and was referred to physical therapy. In both stints of physical therapy, I felt that I was I was getting a cookie-cutter routine that was one-size-fits all, but not personal to my problems and challenges.

Since I started going to been I have noticed his intense attention to detail. The plan he gave me has been very much tailored to my specific challenges, and it evolves and progresses each time I visit him. His desire is to get to the root of the problems and he does not leave any stone unturned as he pursues that end. After each visit, he sends me on my way with a daily exercise/recovery plan, that equips me to partner with him in my recovery as opposed to being solely reliant on him to fix me.

Above all the physical attention, Ben has also helped me with the mental side of recovery. He has given my massive amounts of encouragement, and perspective on this road of recovery that at times I have thought endless. I am so thankful to have met Ben, and I would 100% recommend him to anyone who with back pain or injury for an extended period of time. He has taught me so much about the mental and physical sides of recovery, and I am certain that if I had not met him I would not have made the progress I have made.

Adam Zachary
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